Keep practicing your math facts!       
Keep practicing your math facts!
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3rd grade Math and Science
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Welcome to Third Grade!

I am enjoying getting to know your child this year!

I teach Math and Science and switch with Mrs. Sunseri, who teaches Language Arts and Social Studies. Your student will spend about equal amounts of time with both teachers.

This week we will be beginning work on multi-digit multiplication. We will extend our multiplication skills to two digit by one digit. We will begin with using expanded form and creating models to build understanding. We will be moving toward using the traditional algorithm (they one you know), but they will need to understand the different models. Spending extra time on modeling this skill in different ways will help with understanding of algebra concepts down the road.  We will also teach multiplication properties and problem solving using all four operations. We will be teaching multiplication and division together as inverse operations, using standard algorithms and representatons.  These will include equal groups, strip diagrams, and number lines. Teaching both operations together helps students develop a better understanding of each operation by constantly comparing and using both.

Please encourage your child to complete their homework each evening. It is SO important that they put in significant effort on their assignments, as the overall homework load has been reduced. The practice is critical to developing all the concepts needed in third grade.

We have a new online math program for your child called Think Through Math. This program takes your child through the entire third grade curriculum at their own pace. It adjusts instruction by accelerating or remediating based on your child's performance on tasks. It has a feature that allows the questions to be read aloud and/or explained out loud. This means that we need headphones! I will probably buy some headphones with my fund raiser money, but for now, I have very few headphones to go around. If you have any earbuds lying around the house that you can send to school with your child, it would give your child a headphone to use now. If you would like to login to this program, almost all your children have the login taped into their binder.   (If the login is not there, google "Think through math" and their login and password is the same as their chromebooks, with the addition of "con" at the beginning of their login -- i.e. conprebinor)

This week
Upcoming Dates
Monday, January 22: Daily Rigor 65 due
Tuesday, January 23: Multiplication test and Daily Rigor 66 and facts due
Wednesday, January 24: Writing Benchmark, Daily Rigor 67 and facts due
Thursday, January 25: Daily Rigor 68 and facts due
Friday, January 26: facts due
        Facts test and Daily Rigor test
        wear PINK!

After-School Playground Reminders:
  • Students MUST have a parent or guardian with them on the playground after school hours at all times.
  • Parents cannot pick up students from the playground.
  • No reentry into the building, from the playground, after dismissal.
  • All playground rules apply after school; i.e. no climbing on soccer goals and nets, no climbing or hanging from basketball goals, no sitting on tether ball. No climbing fences.
Please help keep our students safe, and extend the life of our playground equipment.

Daily Schedule

Third Grade schedule.pdf

Third grade math: This year the big focus will be on developing a depth of understanding in using all four operations. We will be extending our skills in addition and subtraction problem solving, learning to solve multiplication and division problems, deepening our understanding of geometry concepts and data. We will be working on memorizing all facts as a tool to help us with problem solving. Third grade math may seem a little different if you have had a third grader before. The emphasis will be a lot more on developing a depth of understanding (why?, how?) and less on just getting the correct answer with rote procedure.

Please check the links at the bottom left to learn more about Math, Science

        contains videos, games and other ways to reinforce the content we are learning.

Wish List: We go through pencils very quickly and I will need more pencils as the year goes on. Since we have recess directly after lunch, we will need wet wipes for hands, not cleaning (i.e. baby wipes or hand sanitizing wipes). We also will need cheap rolls of scotch tape and extra tissues. If you see a good sale on copy paper, we could always use some more. We also appreciate any Treasure Chest items that you would be willing to donate. Any small toys, gadgets, jewelry, etc. are great for this. If you have playground type balls that you would like to donate to the grade level, the kids would be thrilled!! Watch this space for science needs! Thank you so much to all of you who have already sent some of these items!

Library Day is Tuesdays!
P.E. is Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. Wear athletic shoes.

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