Welcome to fourth grade!!
Lynne Lawler
       Mrs. Lawler        Fourth Grade Language Arts  
      Conference Time;  8:10-9:00 M,TH,F  email:  llawler@conroeisd.net   Phone: (936) 709-1600  
    switch teacher:  Mrs. Riggs Math/Science Sec. 407
        The front office Bush # is 936-709-1600 and the fax # is  936-709-1699.
*Please read the Bobcat Banner and 4th grade webpage for more information.

        Daily Schedule:
8:00-8:10      Arrival/Announcements/warm-up                         
8:10-9:00      Specials                                                                           
9:00-11:10     Language arts with switch class (sec. 407)              
11:10-11:45    switch back to homeroom- warm-up/review
11:45-12:15   Lunch
12:15-12:35   recess
12:40-1:10    PAWS   
1:10-2:55      Homeroom/Language Arts
2:55-3:05      Clean up/transportation checks/Dismissal

     Section 406  News:  
We are prepping for our next STAAR tests in May. Students continue to learn about Texas statehood and pioneer life.  We
 will be visiting Mitchell Intermediate on April 24th.  Please have your child wear their black 4th grade t-shirt if they have one.  
WordMasters starts up again - our last round!   List will come home on Monday with a test on Friday.   

  The Noisy Paint Box - 4th Grade Program & Open House
Where: Bush Cafeteria
When:Thursday, May 25 at 8:20am and 7:00pm, Open House begins at 6:00pm
Students should wear all BLACK for the program, including black shoes. Boys need to wear pants, NO SHORTS. Girls can wear a dress, skirt or pants.

Book Club:    Extended for one more round!   We will do a 2 WEEK book club this time.
Reading:       Practice using comprehension strategies in class with reading packets.   Book club.  ,
Language:     Review subject/predicate/sentence structure/run-on sentences /Word Work - homopohones/Idioms
Vocabulary - poetry terms
Writing:       Continue with editing/revising skills - looking for use of complete sentences.   Journal writes will continue. Students are expected to write a full page.  M & W only.

      Please check the table below for homework assignments.

 Please take note of the following message from the front office staff:  "For the safety of your children,  students will no longer be released in car line without an official Bush  yellow name card displayed.  If anyone comes through the car line without that card, they will be asked to park and come into the front office to show I.D., in order to pick up their child(ren).   We are sorry about the inconvenience this causes, but we need to enforce this policy to ensure the safety of all students.  If you realize, as you enter the car line, that you have forgotten or misplaced your sign, please proceed to the parking lot to walk up to check out your child.  If you carpool or will have someone pick up your child and they do not have your yellow name card, please let the front office know and we will have a card ready for them when they enter the car line. Thank you for your patience with this safety measure.  Extra cards will be available in the front office throughout the year."  


Parents who have a child at Bush with food allergies or require special diets need to provide snacks to keep in the classroom throughout the school year for their child.  This will prevent the possibility of a child eating something that could be potentially harmful during classroom parties.

Nurse Cheryl can be contacted at clkirchner@conroeisd.net or 936-709-1609 regarding illnesses or injuries.

Language Arts - 4th grade - Be sure to check out the 4th grade website!
Reading:   We continue to stress higher level thinking skills in 4th grade.   The students will learn to analyze, make inferences, identify main idea, distinguish between fact and opinion, and summarize, in order to achieve good comprehension.  We will be reading a variety of novels, and students will be participating in Book Club.  We will also work to improve non-fiction reading skills as they learn to use their texts and read for information.  As we begin the year, I will model good reading and thinking strategies  while we read and discuss  short stories together.  Students will take the STAAR Reading Test in  May.
Writing:    We do a lot of writing in 4th grade!   The students will take the  STAAR Writing Test in the spring  on their language/writing skills.  The students will learn the process of writing as well as how to incorporate all the 6 traits.  We will  work on  journals, poetry,  short writings and compositions.  Students will learn narrative and expository writing skills, along with editing/revising.
Language:    Some of the things we will cover are:   sentences, nouns, verbs, conjunctions, subject-predicate, adjectives and adverbs.  Students will be expected to apply correct use of language within their writing once we have covered it.
Vocabulary -   Students will expand their vocabulary by applying new  words within different contexts.
Spelling -  Integrated with writing/editing/revising.    We will teach spelling patterns and high frequency words.   
Cursive -    Students will practice cursive - mainly  done as a warm-up or at home - we will review letters as needed  during class.
Social Studies-  It's all about Texas History!   We will study the regions, Indians, explorers, colonization, battles/wars, important and influential people and culture of Texas.  

  *Along with teaching  the above, we work hard on getting our students ready for 5th grade.   I will work with them on study habits, ideas of how to study, responsibility for their work and actions, organization and communication skills. These expectations will become more in-depth as the school year progresses.
      Bush Elementary will continue to have PAWS time  this year; M-TH- students will be put into groups and assigned a teacher to reinforce/enrich needed 4th grade skills.  Students will switch classes for instruction and return to their homerooms afterward.  

       We are in need of the following donations: -3X5 & 4x6  note cards-, blue or purple pens,  gallon-sized baggies~!

**Please send a note or fax  if your child's regular means of transportation changes!** Do NOT send an email - unless you have also faxed something in. Emails are unreliable as to when I receive them.
**Water bottles are welcome to have in class - we prefer the "pop top" kind to help avoid accidents.  Please remind your child to bring reusable bottles home to be washed**

Week of April 24,  2017

Language/Word Work
Social Studies
*Book Club --week one of two

Drama- intonation reading, stage directions, etc.

*Story elements -  characters,setting,  heart of story/problem, conclusion/solution.

VOCABULARY:   Wordmasters 1-1  test Fri.


Writing Journal - M & W
* writing -  edit/revise/organization

cursive - worked on in class

Writing Journal M & W

*GRAMMAR/SPELLING/CUPS  - - short  practice as warm-up daily.
Assessments through the use of STAAR practice packets in class.

*LANGUAGE SKILL:  review /subject/predicate/sentences
SPELLING:  22   test Friday

POETRY: stanzas/imagery/free verse/metaphors /lyrical


Unit: 9

Cowboys, ranches,

We will also begin a unit of Japan

 Wordmasters:  Bush students will be competing in the National Wordmaster Competition again this year.   Wordmasters is based on analogies using  a given list of 25-30 words per 9 weeks.   We break the list up into manageable vocabulary lists for the students to study and give a  vocab. test weekly.  After we have gone through three weeks of lists, students will complete an analogy test (not "officially" graded) and teachers keep track of scores.  In May, the top scorers from each class will receive recognition.  The top 3 from the grade level will receive an award.

Fun learning sites:
spellingcity.com - vocab. practice
quizlet.com - make your own quizzes






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