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4th Grade Math/Science Teacher


**All homework is subject to change. Please see your child's planner for the most updated assignments.  

*txtb 14.6
pp. 95-796

NO 40 min. time sheet
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ThinkThrough Math:

Avalnches & Landslides SRA

*WS: Classifying Angles and Triangles

Homework: *txtb HW 14.

Science Current Event Due!
Sec. 406:

Sec 407:

Week of Mar. 27

4th Grade

*closed campus

 Science Current Event Due!
Sec. 406:

Sec 407:

Link to enVisionMath Gr. 4
Pearson Realize.url
*Check below for science unit vocabulary words.   

**NOTE:  Many students need to continue practicing their multiplication facts!!!  This allows them to become proficient with computation of larger multiplication problems and ease their ability to divide numbers. Students must have a firm knowledge of multiplication and division facts and how to apply those facts in other mathematical situations.

HOMEWORK:  Homework will be given most evenings, M-Th. There will be some facts practice, problem solving, and review of that days lesson. All homework assignments are due the following day unless noted by the teacher.
        If your child needs help, please feel free to help, but please let me know if they had a great deal of trouble on an assignment. Homework should take about 40 minutes to complete if distraction free. Students will need to refer to their B.O.B.(Bush Organized Binder) for nightly homework. It is the responsibility of the student to record daily assignments on his/her homework planner.

3rd 9 Weeks' Lessons: *current topic of study at the moment   

Data Analysis - (ongoing)
  • Frequency Tables
  • Dot Plots
  • Stem Leaf
Multiplication & *Division

*Geometry:                            Points, Lines, Segments, Angles, Triangles, Quadrilaterals, Measuring Angles, +/- Angles

*Problem Solving Strategies (ongoing)
Water Cycle      
Patterns of Change on Earth:  Shadows, Tides, Seasons, Moon Phases
*Slow Changes on Earth:  Weathering, Erosion, Deposition
Rapid Changes on Earth:  Volcanoes, Earthquakes, Landslides, Flooding

                  [BC - Schools Science Clips - Changing circuits

Science Vocabulary -
Soil, Weathering, Erosion & Deposition Vocabulary

1. absorb – to soak up or take in.

2.  soil – the layer of Earth's surface consisting of small pieces of  rock, decayed plant and animal matter, and minerals.

3.  mineral – a nonliving solid object with a crystal structure found in nature.

4.  topsoil – the top layer of soil, often the richest in nutrients for plant growth.

5.  humus – a rich dark layer of soil made of decaying plants and animals.

6.  physical property – a characteristic of a substance that can be observed or measured without changing the substance.

7.  weathering – the breaking down and wearing away of rocks by water, wind, and ice.

8.  erosion – the wearing away and movement of sediment by wind, water, or ice.

9.  deposition – a process by which wind or water drops sediment in a new location.

10.  climate – the general pattern of weather conditions in a region over a period of many years.

11.  runoff – water from rain or melted snow that flows along Earth's surface into bodies of water.

12.  glacier – a large mass of slowly moving ice and snow that carves new features and deposits sediments.

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